Waterproofs and Wellies

Mud, Glorious Mud!


The children and adults alike were all very excited in Reception when they heard there had been a Wellies and Waterproofs area built in school. Within this natural environment the children develop their confidence and self-esteem through many hands on learning experiences such as building dens, taking part in treasure hunts and exploring and climbing on and under tunnels and hills.


The children have excitedly visited the garden with their class one afternoon on a weekly basis for the past half term.


All the activities at Wellies and Waterproofs are play based and initiated and led by the children. There are lots of small resources to spark ideas and over the course of the past six weeks the children have really let their imaginations run wild.

Amongst many exciting activities, they have taken part in storytelling, bug hunts and making mud pies and slides! As a result, there has been a massive increase in the children’s independence, confidence and team work skills within the classroom too!


As a team, we feel that this has been a valuable opportunity for the children in Early Years to explore the natural environment and develop their gross and fine motor skills. Research has shown that outdoor exploration can have a huge impact on children’s’ academic progress and their personal, social and emotional development. As this plays such a vital role in our Early Years curriculum at Wimborne First, we ‘jumped’ at the chance to extend this opportunity outside of the classroom.


We are currently one of the only local schools that have an outdoor learning area like this and as the big smiles, sharing of imaginative stories and muddy faces show we aim to continue making the most of this wonderful experience during the rest of the year.